Well it is not secret that life comes with setbacks, and constant setbacks. I think the phrase goes “take one step forward and two steps back”, and that testament is just such a negative look on life. Yes, life is hard and it can feel like your life is a constant setback and you are going no where in life, in fact you may feel like you are falling back in life. But life isn’t about the setbacks, its about responding positively and in good fashion to the setbacks thrown at you.

As most of you know I had my share of setbacks during my recovery. I had my days of thinking that my life is just going down the toilet and my life might as well end because it obviously isn’t getting any better. But thank the Lord for His goodness and His loving spirit to life me up and make everything good again. I want to share a few things I learned during my setbacks to come out better on the other side real quick.

  1. Don’t take them personally.
    1. Once you start taking things on a personal level you can start to put yourself in a box of victim hood, you can have the attitude of a arrogant martyr, that you are willing to take on the setbacks because that is what God wants…. But God operates in the more than, not the not enough. So brush off the setbacks, laugh it off, go for a run to clear your head, read, do something you truly enjoy to get your mind off of it.
  2. Cast Your Cares
    1. The Bible says to cast your cares upon the Lord and He will take care of it. When you feel overwhelmed and surrounded by setbacks, take a minute and pray. Cast your cares to the Lord. Vent and scream and cry and be vulnerable with Him. Whether its a break up, a job change, moving states, friends bailing, health battles, or whatever life throws. God cares about you so much, He wants to hear about it and face the struggles with you and walk you through them by your side.
  3. Tell Yourself to Beat It
    1. You’re the one facing the setback. It is truly yourself to fight the it and beat it. You can’t have someone else defeat it for you. Mom can’t do it for you, your significant other can’t beat it for you as much as they want to. It is you and you alone. Buckle Up, and face it head on to win. Picture yourself better and on the other side of the setback and you can get through it.

Just remember to hold that relationship with God close. Talk and walk with Him daily and watch your life excel. God is so good and will constantly amaze you on how He can do the extraordinary through setbacks. Sometimes you have to give up something to get something better. God wants to give you the best and only the best. So don’t doubt Him, don’t forget all He has done and watch Him move the mountains again and again.


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