A Year Has Passed

Hello Everyone, I am back to writing again. I know it has been a while since I have posted but school has picked up and I was dealing with a lot of projects and papers. But now I have some time to unwind and share what’s been going on in my heart!

So this past week I celebrated a year since my liver transplant!! It has been a crazy ride to think that one full year has passed since I got my new liver. I have never felt more a-LIVER….

Sorry for the pun, I laughed when I thought about it.

The Lord has been good to me and although I went through a lot of terrible circumstances and multiple challenges regarding my health; he has been showing Himself faithful all the way through this battle. There are a lot of stories that I intend to share with you all that proves nothing but the Lord’s goodness but the overall message is that He never left me hanging and always came through.

A few highlights from this year since the transplant.

  1. I got a new liver.
  2. I healed from the transplant, just took longer than expected.
  3. I quit my job of 4 years and got a new job working for a bank, and I LOVE IT.
  4. I bought a new car, sorry RIP to Robin. But hello to Reginald.
  5. I picked up school again and I am getting closer and closer to graduating.
  6. I am now able to lift weights, run, and be as active as I want.
  7. The Lord blessed me with an incredible opportunity because I am playing Flynn Rider in this year’s Easter Production of Tangled.

I am so thankful for all God has done but one Biblical Story sticks out to me whenever I think of my own story. That story is found in Mark 5:25-34, and it is the story of the Women with the issue of blood.

If you don’t know this story I’ll give you the quick cliff notes. There is a woman who got sick and she had an issue of blood, I don’t know exactly the disease that she had but it was not curable. So she spent all the money she had to find a cure, she sold everything, she was desperate to find a cure. She became an outcast because of her illness and then became an even more of an outcast because of her illness. One day she is sitting and she hears of Jesus coming through town and she thinks to herself to fight to get to see Him and she says “If only I may touch the hem of His garment, I will be made well” so she pushes through the crowd and exerts all of her energy to get to touch Him. I imagine her last bit of energy was striving to touch Jesus, and she touched the tail end of His robe and instantly was made well. Jesus being Jesus, has all the wisdom in the world so I believe He did this next part to show the people around Him a message.  He asked “Who just touched me?” Which is odd because He was surrounded by people, and everyone was touching Him. Then He describes the touch by saying someone deliberately touched Him, so the woman sheepishly raised her hand afraid of the reaction Jesus would have. But Jesus smiles and helps her up, full of love. He told her that she was made well because of her faith and that she will go on to live a healthy life.

I love that passage because of three things in that story.

  1. Her perseverance
  2. Her Words
  3. Her Faith

See she fought to get to Jesus using every last bit of energy she had. She fought through the crowd that hated her, she fought through people telling her that she couldn’t do it, she fought against her own mind that was telling her to quit. She fought and she persisted onto what she believed was important and that was Jesus.

Her words were just as important because she was speaking to herself that she had to get to Jesus to be made well. She said it and believed it and that formed her reality.

Lastly her faith was inspiring. She could have just sat under a tree, a social outcast, and just accepted her fate as a terminally ill person; but she didn’t. She believed that Jesus was in the miracle business and that He would make her well. In fact that is what Jesus said, that her faith made her well.

So what does that mean for you and I?  I believe we can learn a lot from this woman, and substitute ourselves in her shoes. What does our perseverance, our words and our faith look like in our day to day lives when it comes to our health battles. Are we pushing through the nay sayers who say we can’t be normal, are we fighting through our own doubts and thoughts? Are we saying the right thing about our situation we are in? Are we believing whole heartedly that Jesus will do what only  Jesus can do? It’s a simple self-check in our lives no matter what season of life you are in. Whether you are healthy or diagnosed with a disease, whether you are old or young, whether you have been a believer in Christ for a long time or you just started following Him. Just take a step back and examine your life in those areas and change the areas where you feel necessary to get the most out of your Christian walk. God is all about restoring and building people up.


Thank You for reading,



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