Never Alone

Recently I’ve been wrestling in my mind that God will never leave us alone. Not when we denounce His name, not when we walk away from His house, and not when we sin. The reason I’ve been wrestling with this is because I cannot imagine being there for someone all the time even if they have wronged and offended me. God wants you to know that you are never alone.

I have realized that I have focused in this blog on physical health a lot, more specifically I have wanted to communicate to those who are dealing with cancer. With that being said I don’t want to forget about a major battle that affects more people than we could imagine- mental health, specifically depression.

It is easy to overlook such a battle because people can just think it is made up, or that you are just faking it to get some sort of attention. I want to tell you something very important; that you are not alone. Depression is no laughing matter and it is not to be overlooked. You may not be clinically diagnosed with it but that doesn’t mean you don’t fight a battle every day in your mind. I’ve been there and I have fought the battle of “is this worth it” and I want to share that it is. No matter where you are in life, God has an extraordinary plan for you and your future.

I’m sure you hear that all the time when going through depression; God knows I did. It can’t be easy. You feel alone. Like you are drowning and no one wants to help you at all. Like you are in a dark abyss just constantly falling and unable to catch your breath. You think no one cares about you, and that you are just taking up peoples time, money and resources so might as well not even exist any more right? RIGHT?

NO! I know it’s not easy to see the positive outlook on life and I’m not saying every day has to be the best day ever because life sucks, it is hard. Also on the other hand, God is good and He will always be good and He will never leave you alone. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”-Deuteronomy 31:6

Be bold, be strong, God is with us. I could go off on a nice 5 point sermon on that verse and normally I wouldn’t but today I will actually.

  1. Be Strong and Courageous
    1. God is commanding us to be bold in Him, even when things are rough and not looking on the bright side God wants us to be bold and strong with Him. Face your problems head on and never ever give up because the Lord is with you and He will not leave you when you need Him the most. Go ahead of your problems with courage because God is with you, like Joshua did.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid
    1. This goes hand in hand with number one. Don’t confused being afraid with having nerves. A part of God being God is that He gave us emotions, like it or not, He did it for a reason. Having nerves about doing something is normal because that shows that you are indeed human and full of emotion God gave you. But being afraid of a circumstance is not in God’s design, especially when God is guiding you through it. The times you start to feel fear inside of you and when you start feeling scared is when you need to lean on the Lord the most. Remember you are never alone.
  3. Of Them
    1. These two words are important in this scripture. You can’t base your life and how you view yourself based off of what others think of you. Bust out of your shell and be you. God created you to be you for a reason. He didn’t create you to be a shell of who you are and not reach your maximum potential, He created you to be undeniably you all of the time. I think when people are dealing with depression it is because people have put them in a box and have hurt them in a way that they themselves feel utterly useless. God won’t do that, He won’t make fun of you and He won’t put you in a box, He wants you to run with Him free of any chains and restraints that hold you back in life.
  4. The Lord Goes With You
    1. Whatever battle you face, the Lord is right there with you no matter what. God’s character isn’t to leave His beloved children alone in the dust, but to love them unconditionally. Agape is a word the Bible uses in the original language that means the unconditional love that God possesses that only He can possess. So when you are battling depression in your mind, know Jesus is there fighting with you, and since He is with you; you cannot lose because He wins all battles… I mean He came back from the grave.
  5. He Will Not Leave or Forsake You
    1. Lastly when you seem alone; know God is there closer than you know. He’s on the inside of your heart willing to hold you close to His heart. The Bible describes Jesus as a gentleman in the respects that He won’t just come take over you, but He will patiently wait for you to call upon Him and then He will comfort you. Depression sucks because it makes you think you are alone and unloved and that is the exact opposite of what God wants to happen.

That is a super abridged version of what I actually would say if I were in front of a group of people communicating face to face, but I hope you get the message I was trying to convey. God won’t leave you, in fact He has never left. God is right there waiting for you to call upon Him and His promises of joy for you.

To share a personal story- I suffered from a little bit of depression in high school and I remember those days of feeling worthless. Feeling like all I was doing was messing up, and costing people time, money and resources and I didn’t know why I was on Earth. I thought I was a mistake and that God messed up when making me, but He makes no mistakes. I remember looking online to see the quickest way for me to end my life several times late at night when I couldn’t sleep because my mind would wander. Then something happened, I encountered the love of Christ again. He reminded me that I am never alone, and when did He do it? When I was alone in my room crying unto Him asking why…At the point of total dependence on Him is when He spoke ever so quietly to my soul. Find your spot of total dependence on God and then He will speak to you and your soul more clear than ever.

Did those feelings come back once I got diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer? Yes. Did those feelings come back harder while I’m alone in the hospital room recovery from surgery? Yes. But I had to make the conscious and heavy decision to check my heart to find my fight again.

Find your purpose and passion again. I feel some of you out there have lost your passion and are running around trying to fill it with things you enjoy but it’s not the same because it is not God’s passion that He gave you. Find it, run with it, and be joyful and yourself again.





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