Time is something everyone strives to get more of. It is actually the one thing in life we can’t get more of actually, there are 24 hours in a day no matter what. Guess what, that will continue to happen until the day Jesus returns. Now you are probably going to ask me, well don’t you get more time the more you live? Yes, but I want to focus on the 24 hours a day we get everyday for the rest of our lives.

We all know the famous phrase that Rome wasn’t built in one day, but one day at a time. That’s so true. Everyday we have a choice to do something productive to help improve our lives or not. That goes the same way for battling health issues and for being the support for someone going through the battle.

We have options in every second to think and act positively or not, meaning that we can think of a good ending to the situation or not. The bible says to focus on the things that are above, meaning focus on God and His will of your lives and make sure you see yourself that He sees you. The Word also says in Philippians that we are to rejoice in the Lord and His plans for us. So when you are alone you can focus on one of two things; either His will for your life and how the King of kings , the Lord of lords, and the Maker of all loves you and wants the absolute best for you, or you can get caught up in your situation and become easily overwhelmed and turn to other things that may fill you up temporarily but the Lord will always keep you full of faith.

To those in a current battle regarding your health,  this is so important because you are probably alone a lot of the time, just left to your thoughts. I remember a lot of the time while I was in the hospital I was kind of left to my thoughts and what was going on in my heart. I had to sift through the good and bad to focus on what was actually going to help me.

I’m not going to lie to you, there were days that I was in a bad spot, I was thinking that there is no good outcome at the end of this and that I was just going to become another cancer patient and eventually welt down to nothing.

But God is always there and always present to show His love and reconciliation power. God is our healer. Jehovah Rapha-God our healer. God doesn’t punish us for being sinners by hitting us with illness and disease. God doesn’t punish us at all, that is not in His character. God only wants us to survive in nothing less than God’s best. His character is to give out blessings and give out good things. It is satan’s character to punish, and hand out curses. Satan doesn’t care about us and our welling being, in John 10:10 it says that Satan comes to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY. I see nothing in there about abundance and good things in our lives.

We have to recognize that God wants to give us the best thing our lives need and totally surrender all to Him. He will carry you through any storm you face. Proverbs says to lean on Him and not your own understanding. God is always with us and wanting to give us health and long life. Psalm 91 says that God wants to give us long life. Spend your day with God and searching out scriptures about God’s promises for you about health, long life, and His blessings. It will help you get wet both physically and spiritually as well.

To those being a support system it is important to open your time with your person that you are supporting. Almost more importantly you are to spend quality time with the person. What does quality time look like? It includes joy, faith, and laughter. Spend time loving them and showing the love of God to them. Spend the few minutes a day that you get with the person showing positivity and a good outcome. You don’t know the war they are battling, you have no idea how they are handling everything. Everyone handles things differently.

Joy takes different forms as well, you have to find a common ground of what gives you joy and what gives the other person joy so you both don’t get burned out during the war. You have to win the individual battles and the day to day battles to win the war. It takes a day at a time to build up a war ready and war winning body. It takes a day at a time to build up support, it takes a day at a time to show the support that is needed to win the war.

It takes individual and small events to win. Moment after moment. You never know what is a defining moment for you until you get out of the war and you look back at everything with hindsight. I didn’t know the day that my friends came over to my house and surprised me to show their support was a defining moment for me until now. At the time I thought it was a nice thing for them to do on a Thursday night instead of me sitting alone, but now in hindsight they were the support group that I needed. I remember that day so vividly because there was so much laughter and joy in the room that I was instantly fulfilled with the Lord’s joy and spirit that it carried me through my war.

Never underestimate the power of a small gesture. That goes to everything in life as well. Make sure to make others feel as important and loved as ever. Take time out of your 24 hour schedule to make others feel the love that you also want. It is a sacrifice but it is a sacrifice that is well worth it, and it will come back to you.



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