Give Up, Just Do It

I’m assuming that you read the title and are thinking “why would he talk about giving up when talking about a health battle?”

Honestly I am talking about giving up, but not in defeat but giving up as in surrender. Actually, surrendering to the Lord our God during your battle. Secondarily how as a support system surrendering to the Lord will actually benefit everyone involved with the struggle.

When talking to God about what to write today, He reminded me of the speech that Coach V spoke at the Espy’s a while ago, and if you haven’t seen/heard it yet I recommend looking it up on Youtube. [When I was first diagnosed my cousin Mitch sent it to me as a piece of encouragement, so if you are reading this, Thanks– I used it more than you probably thought I would.]But the motto of the speech was “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up” because Coach V was diagnosed with cancer as well, and although his body didn’t survive the battle, his spirit lives on and impacts so many who are also struggling with cancer or terminal illness by his charity.

Anyway, I watched it and was fired up to not give up in any fight I have, but importantly I wanted to share the don’t ever give up aspect of it with you all, but God revealed that you actually have to give up something to Him. No we don’t have to do sacrifices like they did back in the Old Testament, but we do have to sacrifice something to God to show faithfulness. We can’t go through our life doing whatever we want while still expecting to receive the fullness of God’s blessings. There are things we have to surrender to the King to get something in return.

For example, lets say that you have 20 dollars but God tells you to give that 20 dollar bill to someone else and to trust him. You now have the opportunity to sacrifice that bill to the Will of God or keep it to yourself so, you being a good person listens to God, and you give away the 20 dollar bill. You are kind of bummed while you do it because you could have used that money for gas or whatever, but you know in your heart of hearts that since God called you do it, He will bless it. So you patiently wait and then God somehow proves Himself faithful,like He always does, and He blesses you with 200 dollars because you sacrificed what you had for His will. You wouldn’t have been able to get the 200 when you had the 20 because you didn’t give up what you had to God.

The same thing applies to a health battle. How? You can tackle it by yourself and go in alone and prove to everyone that you can beat this by yourself, or you can accept that without God you are nothing and you surrender yourself to His will. Which one works, both. Which one works better- the second option. Why?  Because with God all things are possible, while with man only some things are possible. You may be able to conquer whatever your diagnosis is by yourself but it won’t be the same with God. With God you will receive joy, peace, health, restoration, rest, and blessings you cannot control. Psalm 72:14 says “He will redeem their life from oppression and violence and precious shall be their blood in His sight”

I love that verse because it shows God’s willingness to rescue us from our troubles! He will redeem us from oppression or violence against our body. The word “redeem” in the original language is translated to be regained by purchase. What was the purchase that God gave for that? It was Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross His death,burial and resurrection purchased your redemption, your healing, your joy, your whatever you need. Jesus is all we need. Surrender to Him and watch what happens.

Back to the don’t give up part of this post, please don’t stop fighting. Do everything in your power to fight, no matter how low you may feel, keep fighting. Keep your spirit up, keep your joy pure, keep your mind on Jesus and don’t ever give up the fight. Fight the good fight of faith and keep your race. God has so much planned for each and every one of us, don’t let the enemy try to steal that from you. Keep the fight. Keep your hands up and keep fighting. In Romans 16:20 it says that God rules satan under His feet. So you know where the devil is…. that’s right, HE IS UNDER OUR FEET! We have the victory, don’t forget that. Walk in that victory and walk in the knowledge that God has already overcame everything this world has to offer.

For you out there being a support system, don’t give up the fight either. Things can look bleak and defeated but don’t stop the fight. Cancer can take away a lot of things, but don’t let it take away your spirit to keep up the fight. Chrons disease can take away a lot of things, but don’t let it take away your spirit to fight it. Heart and lung disease can take away a whole lot, but don’t let it take away your spirit to fight. Keep the faith up, keep the joy up, keep the positivity up! Be there for the person who is battling in their physical body and cheer them up, help them keep their spirit, because that is the most important thing to keep during a health battle. Be patient, God will move.


Hebrews 10:36- Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.


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