Combating The Fear with Faith

Obviously during a battle there is a struggle with fear. The fear of not surviving the battle, the fear of what happened to your life because of the battle, the fear of the relationships that were impacted by the battle, and the fear of the health bills. See the Devil tries to sneak into our life by using fear but disguising it as rationality.  “Oh, I’m just thinking rationally or logically, or the more relevant one REALISTICALLY” is a common thought that went through my head when battling cancer and the recovery from surgery. Being honest those thoughts were thoughts of death and sickness.

First off, don’t think realistically when fighting a health battle. When you think rationally you don’t think optimistically. Think of the good you can do, think of the small victories you have. For me and my battle of recovery from the liver transplant the small victories were honestly getting out of bed and walking to a chair across the room without help. Find the joy and the happiness in those accomplishments. Rejoice in your ability to do certain tasks. You can eat jello? Fantastic, that is a blessing. Yeah it’s probably stale and lacks all flavor, but you can still eat and provide your own body with nutrients without a tube. Change the perspective and look at your life the way God sees it, as blessed.

So, your loved one is going through a cancer battle and things are looking bleak? For the love of God, please stay optimistic. DO NOT QUIT ON THEM! Love them through the storm, be sacrificial, be there. Realize that time is a gift with them, and being there is such a good gift. Hold their hand, play games, watch Netflix, read a book together, or celebrate their small victories with them. Be happy that they didn’t throw up when they ate grilled cheese. Be happy that they got up out of the chair on their own power and walked a few steps before needing help. Hold them when they are cold because they lost so much weight that they have no fat on them to keep them warm. Being the support system for someone is tough, don’t get me wrong. Know your own limitations and don’t do everything. Know when to call it and take care of yourself, they will understand because they are trying to take care of themselves too.

We serve a God that lives outside of the realistic possible outcomes. God loves doing miracles.He wants to bless all of us with our own miracles. See, God loves it when we think logically in the part of life where it common sense like; don’t jump in front of a train and believe God to save you, or spend all of your money and don’t save a penny but still expect God to bless your finances. But when it comes to life, He wants us to be smart but believe for the supernatural to happen. Meaning if you have a headache take a tylenol but if you are diagnosed with cancer, like I was, do stuff in the natural to help the supernatural. One of the Pastors at my church always says that when the natural and supernatural collide there is a explosive force of God.

Now, if you live in fear of what could happen you start losing faith. Take the story in the Bible when Peter was walking on the water. HE WAS WALKING ON WATER!!!!! The moment when he started to look around being fearful of his surroundings that is when he  started to sink and that’s when Jesus reached down and pulled him up. Peter in that story replaced his fear with faith for a few steps and then the fear overwhelmed him and thats when he sank.

I don’t want any of you guys to sink because when you sink you feel: hopeless, alone, scared, desperate, and you think of death. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Do not sink, find faith. Faith that God will move on your behalf and do a miracle. Need a headache gone, have faith! Having symptoms that medically speaking have every right to be scary, have faith that God will work things out for the good of those who love Him. Just have a little bit of faith, the bible says the faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. Just a little bit of faith can go a long way when we truly trust and rely on God. It’s humbling because we all would love to say that we did something but in all reality, it is all God’s. Have faith in God and I promise during your battle you won’t feel alone, you will be full of hope. You won’t be scared because you have life inside of you. You have the King of kings living inside of you, the man who overcame life and death– Jesus. Lean on Him and you beat the disease that you were diagnosed with.


Harrison Pluta

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.- Proverbs 3:5-6


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